Pre-Conference Workshop:
Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT) for Pre-School Classrooms Reliability Training

  D. Binder
Content Level:
Age Group:
3 to 5 Years

About TPOT

The Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT) for Preschool Classrooms reliability training prepares attendees to assess preschool teacher implementation of the Pyramid Model practices using the published version of the TPOT instrument. This is an intensive workshop that requires prerequisite knowledge, preparation, and participation in the entire workshop. Participants who successfully complete the workshop and meet reliability standards will receive a certificate indicating reliability status and can serve as reliability partners to other observers. Successful completion will indicate that the TPOT workshop participant is reliable with the instrument development team. Registration is limited and early registration is suggested.


In order to participate in the TPOT workshop, all attendees must be familiar with the Pyramid Model and the current TPOT instrument. Before completing registration, check to be certain that you meet all of the following prerequisites:

  • You must have completed a minimum of three days of Pyramid Model training (e.g., CSEFEL preschool modules).
  • You must be actively involved in training, technical assistance, or support to teachers currently engaged in implementing the Pyramid Model.

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Workshop Dates

April 29–30, 2019

Pre-Conference Registration

Price Description


  • Fee includes any books, materials, breakfast, and lunch.
  • Attendees may also choose to attend the NTI (April 30–May 3). Separate registration fee applies.