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The National Training Institute on Effective Practices aims to provide professionals with an in depth, intensive learning experience around the Pyramid Model framework for addressing the social and emotional development and challenging behavior of young children.

Who Should Attend?

We encourage anyone interested in learning more about the Pyramid Model framework, learning new strategies, and hearing about new research to attend. Individuals who may benefit from the Institute include administrators, coaches, behavior specialists, higher education faculty, teachers, and child care staff to name a few.


Topics and speakers have been chosen carefully to provide NTI participants with a high quality learning experience related to promoting the social and emotional competence of young children, addressing challenging behavior, improving systems and practices, and building systems of care. The conference offers both in-depth training workshops and shorter tool-kit sessions.

In-depth workshops: 

Seven 3-hour sessions are offered Wednesday and Thursday morning and afternoon. Participants do not need to sign up in advance and will be free to choose which sessions to attend.

Toolkit sessions: 

These are brief sessions (60 minutes) that are focused on one practice, strategy, or element of implementation. We will offer three rounds of our toolkit sessions on Friday morning. They will offer NTI participants a variety of choices for learning very focused content.  The sessions will be designed to offer information relevant for coaches, administrators, leadership teams, and practitioners.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshops are offered at an additional cost. Pre-conference workshops are one or two days in duration and offered before the conference begins.

Pyramid Model

About the Pyramid Model

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Pyramid Model Overview

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