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T7: Is Disproportionate Discipline an Issue for Your Program? How Do You Know? What Do You Do About It?

Content Level:
Age Group:
2 to 5 years

There are alarming national data on the rates of suspensions and expulsions in preschool programs. These exclusionary discipline practices are often disproportionate for certain subgroups, specifically for African American boys. In order to improve practices and address equity, programs need to gather data that can be used to inform decisions and problem-solve. This session will address two important pieces to this issue. First, the session provides essential information on how data on behavior incidents and discipline responses can be collected by programs and how disproportionate discipline is measured and risk for exclusionary discipline is calculated. Second, we will discuss how programs might engage in conversations around practices producing disproportionate outcomes. Strategies for navigating discussions and promoting productive dialogue to result in action will be shared.