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T6: Research on Interventions Aligned with the Pyramid Model: Recent Findings and Implications for Practice, Policy, and Future Research

Content Level:
Age Group:
3 to 5 years

In this session, representatives from three research groups will present and facilitate interactive discussion about recent findings from studies on tiered interventions that align with the Pyramid Model. The research studies focus on: (a) Tier 1 and Tier 2 classroom-wide Pyramid Model practices; (b) a Tier 2 classroom-based intervention for young children at risk for social-emotional or behavioral disabilities, BEST in CLASS; and (c) a Tier 3 classroom-based intervention for children with persistent challenging behavior, Prevent, Teach, and Reinforce, Young Children. Following the presentation of findings from each study, facilitated discussion will occur about opportunities and challenges associated with conducting research on multi-tiered systems of support and the implications of the research findings for practice, policy, and future research.