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T11: Understanding Tantrums: Why Do They Happen and What Can Adults Do To Help?

Content Level:
Age Group:
Birth to 5 years

Young children are a bundle of emotions: joyous, peaceful, angry, calm. When emotions overwhelm toddlers and younger preschoolers, the result is often a big reaction or tantrum. Understanding the “science” behind tantrums can allow adults to be more effective addressing this behavior. Adults have a big impact on preventing, shortening, triggering, or extending a tantrum. Gain information, strategies, and practice scenarios to increase your knowledge and confidence as you support healthy social emotional development in very young children. Additionally, when understanding behavior, one thing we want to understand is why a child engages in behavior that is challenging. When asked why a child is doing the behavior, the most common answer from parents and teachers alike is “He/She just wants my attention!” This workshop will provide new ways to think about attention-seeking and for preventing and addressing behavior challenges.